Wait. Don’t go.

Don’t leave me here.


You’re gone, and,

The void isn’t so expansive as it once seemed.

The blessed waters of the saints pour over my wickedness and I am healed. The renewal of my spirit is a physical reincarnation, a falcon soaring over the mountaintops looking for the next meal as it scrambles through the underbrush.

A mighty battle cry echoes through the valleys.

The sword clenched in my talons is engulfed in a bright blue flame, but I am not scorched. Fire dare not touch me.

I am no longer of this earth, but an idea evolving through time and space.

Born from grit and iron, the blade I bear will see me through.

Stay, when you want to. I have learned to bend without being broken. The shrieking in the night has faded away and I stand here now, transfigured. I am invincible.

The leaves are falling now, my darling.

Year after year, the seasons change, each time into something somehow more beautiful the last.

Year after year, so do I.