Do you have a great eye for art? Of course you do. That’s why you can request access to join my Curator’s Club.

Every month, you can receive:

  • Special access to hang out with me no matter where I am in the world
  • Interaction with art in a more meaningful way than being a simple spectator
  • The knowledge you are more awesome for supporting an independent artist

You can see the options for joining below, but before you can sign up you’ll need to know somebody who is already in (they have the code) or contact me telling me why I should give you access. I want to know: What seriously inspires you?

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Wait! Do you have the secret password?

Don’t sign up unless you have the code, it won’t work. You can ask someone who’s already in the club, or you can email me to tell me what seriously inspires you and I’ll give you the password in return.